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For someone like me with a financial background, the training session was very helpful, as I needed to become familiar with the hospital, and more particularly, with the oncology environment. I was scared and kind of distant at the beginning. I had this feeling that there was nothing I could really do to help patients and their families. “Nancy’s Friends” Volunteer Coordinator Patricia Choi taught me how sometimes just a smile can make a huge difference . . . and it worked!

-⎯Chiara Ciraldo, "Nancy's Friends" Volunteer, NYPH 

I lost my mom and a sister to cancer and have had my own battle with the disease. Once, when my sister was weeping in her hospital bed, her daughter asked her why she was crying. She replied, “I am just so moved by the kindness of everyone here.” I want to be one of those kind people in order to honor her memory.

-⎯Ardythe Ashley, "Nancy's Friends" Volunteer, NYPH 

I wanted to do some good for people who are in need. I wanted to give back for the blessings I have had in life. After I interviewed for the “Nancy’s Friends” program, I knew I was in the right place.

-⎯Victor Rottner, "Nancy's Friends" Volunteer, NYPH

I closed my eyes and it was like hearing angels.

-⎯NYPH patient after an in-hospital performance of the NKFF singers

I came alone to this country with only a beautiful dream. But when I found out that I was sick, it was as if I lost everything. But when I saw that there was hope, it was as if I was born again. And you were part of this hope. I was comforted and grateful for your help and support. I felt the warmth of your care. As you have helped me, I will pass on my help to others in need. I will enjoy and treasure life.

-⎯NYPH patient Qin Chen, who received financial assistance and comfort from NKFF and Nancy’s Friends volunteers

The purpose of this email is to thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for getting reflexology by your wonderful, kind, nurse Ms. Linda Bardekoff. She was outstanding to me. This is the first I ever received reflexology.  I started my chemo on Friday. G-d Bless your Foundation, thank you so much.

-⎯NS-LIJ patient O’fra Rachminov

On Friday, Nov 21st, 2014, as I was lying in bed, Nurse Manager Christine Brooks asked me if I wanted to participate in a painting session. I was so excited because I love art. I longed to draw and paint. I was like a little girl in a candy factory, but more importantly, God allowed me to be distracted from my thoughts for a moment. My nurse, Heather, came to tell me that I have a test that will not allow me to participate with the painting session, I asked Heather to see whether the test could be pushed back to a later time. I was happy and excited when she was able to have the test scheduled to change. The artist, Collette, allowed me to select a picture from her album and began to place different paints on the paper; she began to show me different strokes with the paintbrushes. Memories of my high school days at the High School of Fashion Industries where I learned to appreciate drawing and painting came flooding back. I was really happy and my spirit began to soar. What tests and other care left my memories. What was left was a feeling of joy, peace and thankfulness for a holistic healing of my mind, body and spirit. I believe it was an act of God that I was chosen to participate in this painting session and it was my “destiny.” The beauty of art allows one to have hope and be anxious for nothing. I named my artwork “Destiny” because I was chosen to meet this artist so my mind, body and spirit could be renewed. I will return to my painting and drawing. Thank you LIJ for recognizing the holistic need for the human condition.

-⎯NS-LIJ patient Felicia Pinckney

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If you are or know of a cancer patient being treated at our affiliate hospitals who would like to participate
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becoming a “Nancy’s Friend” volunteer, please contact:

New York- Presbyterian Hospital

Laura White

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